About Me

As a child, I remember hearing the statement, "Humans only uses 5% of the brain potential. My spontaneous reaction was asking: "why don't we use it all." This perhaps was the beginning of my life interest in the mind.

I began to use self-hypnosis twenty seven years ago to increase my concentration and retain a positive and vibrant attitude.  In early 2000, I was formally hypnotized by a famous hypnotherapist when I, in spite the best of my efforts, hit a low in my life. I got hooked to the subject ever since I walked out as a totally healed being after few sessions.

Hypnotherapy helped me cut through the previous confusions of my own mind; to ultimately control my thoughts and emotions, rather than my thoughts controlling me. Today , I am a believer in that  the one thing we humans have control of is the thoughts that travel through our minds: Master your thoughts and one masters life.  Focus, relax and let the power of the mind create anything that can be envisioned. Hypnothetapy is a great vehicle to get you there.

I am an MBA holder and my previous career background is in Marketing of Pharmaceuticals. My interest in hypnotherapy surpassed my love of marketing and decided to change careers and become a full time psychotherapist. I currently hold the International Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy , Psychotherapy and counselling skills  from the E.I.C.H institute. I am also an NLP Master practitioner, Life coach and EFT practitioner. I am currently pursuing my advanced hypnotherapy degree with the Essex institute ,designing my first workshop on Self healing for  women and provide private sessions at Miracles


First and foremost, I believe in doing no harm. I operate under the premise that you are the healer, and answers are found within you. My role is to employ safe, effective hypnotherapy techniques designed to bring these answers to the surface. In essence, you are the physician, and I act as a facilitator.


I believe in a customized approach that treats each client according to his or her specific needs. That’s why during your first sessions, I’ll perform a thorough analysis to uncover relevant information about your health and life history. Once the targeted evaluation is complete, we can begin a method of therapy best suited for your particular case. I continuously evaluate as we go, making changes as needed to maximize the benefits of hypnotherapy for you.

"My goal is to provide you with the right tools to help you resolve issues and find solutions."

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